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International Labour Organisation

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a member of the United Nations family of organizations or agencies. The ILO is a unique and specialized UN agency in that it is a tripartite organization in which each country or member state is represented by its government, workers and employers organizations in common action to promote social justice and decent work throughout the world. At global and national level, the ILO agenda therefore reflects the agenda of its member states and their Social Partners. Its headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland where ILO member states convene in June its year for the International Labour Conference (ILC) which determines the activities of the ILO.

The primary goal of the ILO today is to promote opportunities for women and men to obtain decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity. Decent and productive work is defined by four inter-related and mutually supportive objectives: employment opportunities, rights at work, social protection and dialogue. These objectives constitute the strategic objectives of the ILO today.