Building a future with decent work for youth

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Media Capacity Building

Visual images and stories have the ability to speak to a wider audience. The emotions that real life dramatic stories evoke allow for the grounding of our programme goals and enable the programme themes to resonate with a wider audience in developing the rural and informal economy in Zimbabwe.  The publicity generated from stories of significant change not only raises the awareness of the broader ILO goals on Decent Work and Social Justice but also disseminates information, lessons and good practices on youth development for policy making and review.

The ILO has been running the "Success Africa" initiative which shares stories of change and describes what can happen through the coordinated efforts of governments, employers' and workers' organizations, international agencies and donors to make decent work a reality. Such initiatives provide a platform for sharing of innovative ideas which have been proved effective in supporting people living in poverty with the tools to build better lives for themselves and their families. The SSC story effort in Zimbabwe will complement the Success Africa initiative and some of the content generated will feed into the ILO Success Africa Initiative.

 The Skills Programme recognizes the media as a strategic partner in development and to this end is working closely with the local media on reporting Stories of Most Significant Change (MSC) in lives of Young People in the programme areas Mount Darwin, Gokwe South, Mutoko, Harare (Glen View, Mbare, Norton and Chitungwiza) and Bulawayo (Kelvin North).